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from the forthcoming Sado-Domestics album, Camouflage!

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Adapted from a short story by fiction writer, TJ Gerlach. This is the first of many Gerlach stories that are being turned into songs for the forthcoming Sado-Domestics album, CAMOUFLAGE. Gerlach’s book Camouflage employed a similar kind of metamorphosis, a loose version of a writing exercise typically called a die-cut. He read through books he admired and made a list of words used in that book. With this vocabulary, he wrote his own piece based on those words. Gerlach’s words blend with the voice of the original author and vice versa. Hence the term “Camouflage.” Sado-Domestics’ approach to the camouflage process varies from song to song. Some use many of Gerlach’s words and phrases verbatim and function as a musical adaptation of the original story. Others are more impressionistic, or, in the case of “Dusk,” tell the story from an alternative point of view.

Released March 18, 2024

Music & Lyrics by Lucy Martinez
Torito en la Jaula Music (ASCAP)
©2024 Sado-Domestics

Based on the short story, "Dusk" by T.J. Gerlach 
from the book CAMOUFLAGE (Lithic Press, 2018)

Lucy Martinez:
vocals and rubber bridge acoustic guitar

Chris Gleason:
All other instruments and sounds, audio engineering and mixing, video editing and production.

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